In the past month Lake Louise has been faced with the issue of what to do with a ski resorts Facebook page folowed by people interesed in witnersports, once the winter is over.  While Lake Louise has a summer operation as a sightseeing gondola it is a very different product attracting a very different guest.

So… do we push summer content to skiers, or let our winter following hibernate the summer.  We went a third route by pushing select summer content.  This consisted primarily of pictures of wildlife on the ski runs.   The results were surprising.  People loved it!  It seems that good pictures of bears are universal.  Most notibly, the picture of the Grizzly under the Lake Louise ski resort sign proved just as popular as our best winter photos.

Our followers were proud of the large furry custodians of their mountain.  It reinforced the sense of wilderness the mountain represent.  And grizzlies are just plain cute. The popularity of these photos has led me to rethink our strategy of starting a new summer operation social media presence.

Advantages of crating a new Summer Facebook page.

  • Avoid bombarding winter following with irellivent content.

Advantages of pushing summer content to a winter facebook page:

  • Expose wintersport customers to summer activities (many regular skiiers were not aware that we operated in the summer.)
  • No need to start again creating a new following for a second page.
  • Fewer platforms to maintain.  More able to concentrate on quality content creation.
  • No summer page lingering during an 8 month winter.