Starting new sports is hard enough. But what if you had to customise every piece of equipment, adapt every technique. Mel talks us through her challenges in getting into whitewater kayaking when you are not a standard body type.


Snowy River Extreeme Race 2018

2018 Snowy River Extreme Kayak Race held in Kosioscio National Park. New South Wales, Australia. This is the third year the race has been held growing steadily to now have 200 paddlers compete.


Drone Show reel

As soon as the foldable Mavic Air came out I knew it would make a fantastic addition to my kit. My drone has let me film some fantastic footage for my own productions as well as on the set of others. 



Timelapse from my time in the Italian Dolomites.  

Haunted Lake

A quirky horror short about the dangers lurking below Canberra’s Lake Burly Griffon.

Houses of Canberra

An attempt at timelapses in Canberra.