Corporate Storytelling

 Case Studies

Quite frankly this program looked like a computer game. But it was quite serious in nature. Foot and Mouth presents a real threat to Australia. After 3 years a joint project between the University of New England and the Australian Department of Agriculture we can now predict what the disease would look lf it got to Australia.

This video was part of an eight video series of short documentaries on public sector Innovation.


Deeks Cafe

Looking to promote Canberra success stories CBRIN commissioned me to shoot a case study on Deeks.  Deeks have specialized in not only glucose free products but boast that they are the only bakery in the world to also cater to the Paleo diet.

The CBR Innovation network commissioned this documentary to showcase the amazing innovation that is happening in the ACT.

Capital Angels

Taking an idea from the drawing board to the market is a long risky and expensive ride.  As the Angles say once the friends, fools and family are tapped for cash the next stop is an Angel investor.  Angel Investors are certainly a different breed.  It is a long, risky and involved process and of course highly risky.  But it is also rewarding and a vital part of the innovation infrastructure.  The Capital Angels were coming up on their anniversary and were planning a party.  They commissioned a video featuring the most essential capital angels to talk about their experiences.

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