The  video contest is over! I thought It might be a good idea to do a wrap up and compare how effectively the contest achieved it’s goals.


  • We had 20 entries in total
  • 3 entries disqualified for excessive length and for not being filmed at Lake Louise.
  • 3 entries to the Junior category
  • A good mix of amateur film makers and those owning their own production companies.


A big yes on this one.  All four finalists were quality productions.  Even those who didn’t make the finals showed effort had gone into production.

Growth of Interaction & following.

There is no doubt that the competition resulted in increased interaction with our Facebook page.  Page insights spiked when finalists were announced.  The voting period resulted in over 1,000 votes being cast, which is impressive when you consider that a person can only vote once a day for one movie.  The contest voting period was promoted via Tourism Calgary & the Calgary Tourism Commission increasing the viewership of these promotional films.  While there was an increase in views and votes this did not translate into page growth.

Final thoughts?

The biggest downside to the competition was running through the “Wildfire” third party app.  To vote, or even to view a movie Facebook users had to authorise the”Competitions app” which undoubtedly put people off.  While we received a large number of entries from gopro using amateurs only four finalists were chosen disappointing many entrants.  It may be hard to get the same number of entries if we hold this competition again.  Competitors waited until the last possible moment to enter as there was no real advantage to letting competitors see your entry while having time to change theirs.

Unintended Benefits

Now that the comp is over, instead of having a couple of people go home with some free lift tickets, the resort is left with a collection of quality videos that we have the rights to use!  The competition also opens up the opportunity of partnerships to grow and reduce the cost of the competition.  Viewing nights in local pubs or nightclubs, camera stores.  Businesses are now much more receptive to the idea of being part of such competitions.