end of season

I had a feeling this photo was going to be popular.   I didn’t think it would turn out to be the most popular photo of the season.  Here are a few thoughts on why this photo proved to be so popular.

Relevant:  Posting this photo on closing day only minutes after it was taken increased its relevance to our audience.

Simple: There were plenty of photos from the last day that would have made a very attractive album.  By posting just one photo we were making a simple statement.  “Its our last day, We’re having fun, Lake Louise is Beautiful, see you next year” All conveyed in 5 seconds.

Quality: The picture is vibrant, clear has a well-developed sense of place and is easy to look at.  It would not have been nearly as shared if it had been a cloudy day.

Involvement: The participants in this photo are our most vocal supporters.  Content that ties all these people together almost ensures interaction.