While every project is different Kickstarter videos are a format of their own. Trish the creator of Airpocket was vary aware the quality of the video would have a big impact on the success of her campaign. And the success of a kickstarter campaign is pretty black and white. It either gets funding or it does not. If you do not receive enough backers you will not receive any of the money. For many this is a demonstration that the market is not ready for your product and sends the creator back to the drawing board.

Trish had done her homework. While she had her inital idea for the Airpocket a while ago, she had been biding her time watching the success and failure of other kick-starter campaigns. In many cases even contacting the successful parties to ask for advice.

The happy end to Trishes story is that she was able to not only get her goal, but she also got her streach goal and by the time her campaign was up she was up to almost $50,000.

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