Looking to promote Canberra success stories CBRIN commissioned me to shoot a case study on Deeks.  Deeks have specialized in not only glucose free products but boast that they are the only bakery in the world to also cater to the paleo diet.

Deeks Cafe from jasonmacqueen on Vimeo.

The Airpocket

The Airpocket

While every project is different Kickstarter videos are a format of their own. Trish the creator of Airpocket was vary aware the quality of the video would have a big impact on the success of her campaign. And the success of a kickstarter campaign is pretty black and white. It either gets funding or it does not. If you do not receive enough backers you will not receive any of the money. For many this is a demonstration that the market is not ready for your product and sends the creator back to the drawing board.

Trish had done her homework. While she had her inital idea for the Airpocket a while ago, she had been biding her time watching the success and failure of other kick-starter campaigns. In many cases even contacting the successful parties to ask for advice.

The happy end to Trishes story is that she was able to not only get her goal, but she also got her streach goal and by the time her campaign was up she was up to almost $50,000.

Airpocket Website

A living Library

A living Library

Spaark’s are a great company to work with. In addition to being on the leading edge of IT solutions they have really, really interesting clients.

Imagine an organisation that runs a  library for body parts. Now this sounds like the setup to a creepy B-Grade horror.  But it exists.  And in Canberra of all places.  To explain further the  Integrated Clinical Training Network (ICTN) Lending Library holds specific equipment designed for the aid of medical training.  This has allowed highly specialized and expensive equipment to be utilized by medical trainees all over the ACT.

The guys at spaarks have been telling me about all the odd equipment for months so I could not help but get excited with the prospect of filming how they helped bring this library to life.

Living Library V3 from jasonmacqueen on Vimeo.

Spicing up the Pitch.

Spicing up the Pitch.

Who says corporate videos should be boring? Why not add a little Hollywood to your next presentation. Its not for everyone, or every subject.  But grabbing your audiences attention in the first ten seconds of your pitch is always a good idea.

The above teaser is the introduction to Mighty Media Groups larger pitch video.  The larger video was created for potential clients to view as a fast way to introduce the company.

Video Contest…

Video Contest…

Just about every person on the hill has a camera,  headcam, point and shoot, DSLR with HD film capacity down to camera phones.

So how hard can it be to crowdsourced these amateur cinematographers.  Provide them with a prize and watch them create content for us.  Guests are creating videos already, so how much more incentive do they need to enter our competition?

Here is what we were trying to do.

  • Competition participation

  • Quality content production

  • Social Media interaction & following growth

  • Experimentation

With this in mind we set the following guidelines:

Two minute limit: While we wanted plenty of entrants we did NOT want everyone posting their unedited gopro footage.  More to the point, we didn’t want to be watching them all. This forced entrants to concentrate on putting their best “footage” forward.

Address the question: how do you enjoy the Lake?  The idea was to challenge people to share their story, offer them some guidance without restricting creativity.  This leaves people able to create films about the terrain park, back bowls or even powder.

Use public voting to determine winners: The competition was set up to allow the ski resort to select the finalists giving us some control.  Lets face it we didn’t want a video winning that showed a rider shotgunning a beer, pulling an inverted air and flipping off ski patrol.  But to have two weeks where the best videos were up for public voting while the entrants were also pushing their entries in their circles.  That was just the sort of interaction we were looking for.

Offer a prize that videographers want: Next year seasons pass? Night at our backcountry hut?  Prizing is key and offering a unique prize will have people falling over themselves.  My idea of a VIP all expenses paid weekend at our end of season party was refused.  In the end we employed the help of a local Photography retailer Banff Photography and split a $500 certificate for first.

We will see how it goes.