Axsys Systems

Axsys Systems

While the Axsys initially seemed to be similar to other fitness products, some features stood out.  Most noticeably the three sensors.  Heart rate monitor, accelerometer and of course GPS location tracking.  Adrian the Owner Operator of Axsys systems wanted a video to prove the product and to appeal to sub elite athletes.



  • Emphases differences between the Axsys over other GPS sports systems.
  • Showcase the fact that there are three sensors in the Axsys.
  • Appeal to the target market sub elite athletes.
  • Actually show how the device works.
  • Establish Adrian as a knowledgeable subject expert.

The video

  • Use of overlays to emphase the device always collecting high quality data from the athlete
  • Adrian explains his background and how the system works in his own words and not using a script.  This helps create a more authentic feel when we see Adrian.
The Yarning Circle

The Yarning Circle

One of the many initiatives to pass through the doors of CBRIN has been the effort to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business people.  Having next to no exposure with Aboriginal peoples it was an educational experience getting to know local entrepreneurs and the unique challenges facing them.  The video I produced aimed to authentically capture the energy and optimism of the meeting, and hopefully the good things to come.


Added to that was the fact that Dion Devow from Darkies Designs was great to work for.

For lengthier write up you can go to the Canberra Entrepreneur 

Yarning Circle from jasonmacqueen on Vimeo.

Katrina Howard Coaching and connecting for change

Katrina Howard Coaching and connecting for change

Stock photography nowadays is cheap.  Its easy to buy but highly incredibly vanilla.  Katrina was looking for  a new website that was authentic to both her and her new stylish office.  Royalty free photography was just not going to tell her unique story.

Below are some of the photos taken from Katrina’s unique office.  Be sure to also check out her finished website

Local flavor with Tree83

Local flavor with Tree83

30 Seconds short

Working with Tree83 this past week has been truly a treat.

Tree83 recently signed up for Jimble, a small Canberra start-up aimed at connecting customers with local businesses and their offers.  To promote their business on this new platform they were looking to produce a 30 second clip designed to give customers a “taste” of what the cafe had to offer.

What you’re hearing from Ralph is actually a question and answer session between himself and me.  This session went for only about 5 minutes.  But as Ralph lived and breathed his cafe all week, he knew better than anybody what his business stood for.  It certainly didn’t take long before Ralph was coming up with memorable tag lines like “You just cant skimp on quality” and “homegrown and home produced stuff really does taste better”.

30 seconds is not a lot of time to capture the full range of experiences Tree83 has.  So the focus was on what the cafe wanted to be known for.  It was apparent from my talk with Ralph that this was:

  • Consistently good product with good sized portions.
  • Freshest ingredients available
  • Fantastic atmosphere.

Amazing food, warm sunny eating spaces and a continuous motif of fresh herbs.  A prominent feature in the Cafe.  Backing these up of course were the sounds of the cafe.   Frothing milk, the chink of cutlery and friendly animated background conversation.

The result?
The owners were ecstatic about seeing their ethos and business represented so faithfully in this short video.  They were so impressed that they commissioned the longer 2 minute video shown below.

2 Minute Edit

Tree83 2 minute edit draft from jasonmacqueen on Vimeo.