Sullivans creek from jasonmacqueen on Vimeo.

Filming while kayaking is tricky… Heck whitewater kayaking is tricky enough.

Fortunately, Dave and I had paddled this creek almost one year earlier so I knew what to expect in the way of rapids.   I used a Gopro and my Canon T2i which was kept between my knees in a pelican case.  I had a mild concern that my Peli case made it hard for me to get out of my kayak should I get into trouble.  Unfortunately for me I did get to test precisely how hard exiting with a camera case is.  What most Kayakers say is true, if you really want out of your boat you will get out…

They also go on to say things tend to get worse when you get out of your boat.

The other challenge faced with this project was a difficulty in picking a song.  This was the 5th or so I tried and to tell the truth, im still not happy with it.