We look forward to this all year!  One of the treats of working at the Lake Louise Ski Area.  The annual trail braking to Skoki Lodge.  With plenty of snow on the ground from an epic season the staff at the Ski area are offered a pretty good deal.  Be the first to hike to Skoki for the season and stomp the last seasons snow on the trail for the paying customers.  In return we receive the fantastic hospitality of the Skoki staff and the chance to spend a night getting to know each other.  It was this sense of comrade and shared adventure that I concentrated on capturing for this project.


As for the technical parts, this was the first time that I used a 50mm lense for some of the close up shots.  I was kicking myself for not using a lavalier Mike for the interview instead using my DSLR’s internal Mike.  Unfortunately the audio was so bad I had to go back to re-record the interview.  Live and learn

As we were heading out we encountered the first paying visitors for the season.  While they were unprepared for the hike, they ended up finding the trail so hard they actually had to get helicoptered out… I feel like we failed them somehow.