Our surprisingly good weather on Saturday.


“It’s a good weekend for ducks!”  This was Andrews less than hopeful outlook for the weekends weather.  It just seemed inevitable, this was going to be a very wet weekend.  While we had planned or an overnight trip everyone was pleasantly surprised when Andrew booked another comfy beach hut.


Somehow FIFA had scheduled a Soceroos game during our sea kayaking course.

It’s fair to say that we may have experienced some…  Lets call it “coziness creep” during the weekend.  This wasn’t helped when the Soceroos game started Satruday morning.


After finally getting on the water, the group paddled well away from shore and got into the nitty gritty of rescue drills.


With our rescue skills practiced it was time to use them for real.  As we were about to find out, Sea Kayaks are not really meant for surfing.  They can do it.  It  is exhilarating.  Then you get caught in the wrong place by a large breaking wave  the fun’s over.  Our biggest take away from the weekend was not to dick around in the break zone with your kayak sideways.

The fun stopped for Rowan when he was dumped so hard his kayak actually split.  That same set of waves took a heavy toll on ANUMC kayakers.  A full round of swims later and the total damage list was  a broken kayak, three lost hatches and a lost river knife.


While there was some talk Sunday about heading back to Canberra early the desire to train in slightly unpleasant conditions prevailed.  A diminished and more cautious crew headed once again, through the breakers for more training.
While it all started well, it seems there is a need to push luck just a little further than it will stretch.  We finally called an end to the weekend after  two kayaks being swept onto the shallow rocks of the beach and another swim which narrowly avoided a lost paddle.