During the past couple of weeks I have been working with the Department of Industry for the launch of Innovation Month. The department requested a selection of videos highlighting recent government innovations.  The final deliverables were individual case studies and one larger video to be shown during the launch.

Innovation is increasingly essential to government. To highlight this, the videos were to show that innovation,  although not always easy and safe are an important and necessary part of government.

The Audience
While most corporate case studies are created for viewing by the general public the innovation series was designed specifically for a public servant audience. With this in mind we were able to  focus on how the innovation came into being rather than the end benefits experienced by the users.

As this series was being done by public servants for public servants we wanted the tone to be conversational, as if the viewer was listening to a colleague. To achieve this, subjects were asked not to prepare answers in advance. The end video is actually an edited question and answer session between me and the subject. The result being a subject that is talking in a seemingly relaxed and natural manner to the viewer.

Structure of the 10 minute launch video
10 minutes is a long time for a video, but not so much when you have to explain 8 innovations. While we wanted each innovation sufficiently covered, we saved the final two minutes for a central message.  

Innovation can be risky, but is essential for the evolution of Government.

This was the shared experience of all participants. Interviewees were edited together taking over from each other sentences, as if they were talking as one to the audience.

Below is the final video which was presented during the launch of Innovation Month, supporting a speech by the Secretary for the Department of Industry Ms Glenys Beauchamp.