Tasked to build the innovation system in Canberra CBRIN have certainly kicked some goals.  Through the facilitation of talks, workshops, courses, and meetups they have been the catalyst of much change in the small state.  They asked for a video that could be used on their home page and could explain the hardest of questions.  What it was that they did.


Summit Club

The Summit Club is a workshop aimed at established businesses who want to experience a large “scale or sale” event.  This workshop intensive was part of a two day event with participants working not only on their own businesses but helping college with their business.  Formulating ideas for business growth.  Simon and Jeremy the organizers requested that I come up with a highlights video showcasing the feel of the event for future for future participants.


Federal Golf Club

The Federal Golf Club is well hidden.  Within shouting distance from parliament it still seemed to be in a world of its own.  It was hard to believe the quiet leafy course was still in the middle of Australia’s Capital city.  Wishing to showcase the quality of the course and its proud history Federal asked for a promotional video. 

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