Product Videos

The Hot Mama Bra

Capitalizing on an apparent gap in the market with your own product is getting easier for people and more common.  Based on her own experience of not being able to find a bra that fitted her needs while pregnant, Elaine decided to make her own and started Gazongas.


Axsys Performance

Phones these days are pretty amazing things.  Much more than just a communications tool.  Axsys Performance  is looking to add anther role to the now common smart phone.  Workout recorder.  Using a smart phones inbuilt accelerometer and GPS the Axsys app has been designed to record an athletes heart rate, impacts from footfalls and location during a workout.  This information is then added to an online coaching site where users will receive feedback and are able to compare their workout to others.

The Airpocket

The Airpocket‘s Kick-starter campaign is a success story which I have repeated many times.  Originally after only $15,000 Jen was closer to $50,000 by the end of the campaign. I would attribute her success to the leg work she put in before campaign having been beaten to the punch by a rival product which failed to raise its own funds.  She was also however a joy to work with during the filming of her video.