A selection of the best videos and photos

Tree Eighty3 is a boutique cafe and foodie haven in the heart of Canberra.  Ralph and his team strive to produce the best and freshest plates for their customers and incorporate as many home grown ingredients as possible.

One of the many initiatives to pass through the doors of CBRIN has been the effort to encourage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business people.  Having next to no exposure with Aboriginal peoples it was an educational experience getting to know local entrepreneurs and the unique challenges facing them.

The guys from Snapnstore had a great product.  But no one was understanding it.  They thought a video might help the matter.  We produced this video with the aim of illustrating just how easy storage of items through the Snapnstore system can truly be.

Created as a homage to the excellent Netflicks series “House of Cards”.  House of Canberra was created as my entry to the Canberra Tedx.  The organisers of Tedx were looking for filler videos to be shown between talks.

During the HACT weekend children were given the skills and the freedom to pursue an IT stream of their choosing. Some of the projects sounded pure science fiction. Creating a robot hand out of 3d printed parts for instance.


While every project is different Kickstarter videos are a format of their own. Trish the creator of Airpocket was vary aware the quality of the video would have a big impact on the success of her campaign. And the success of a kickstarter campaign is pretty black and white. It either gets funding or it does not.

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