I’m confident in saying that we knew as much as could have been known about this river without actually going down it.  The reason I say we knew as much as we could have known was that there really wasn’t  a whole lot of information out there.  The Nass is one of three rivers making up the sacred headwaters along with the Skeena and the Stikine.  While the other two rivers are well-known it seems that the Nass is often forgotten about.

All we could collectively find were some YouTube videos and some very brief mentions in paddling books.  The best source of information turned out to be a local paddler and raft company owner.  But even he was a little shaky on details.

We don’t get many high volume rivers on the Eastern side of the Rockies and this was a high volume river.  Our main river, the Kananaskis normally runs at 30 Cubic Meters  a second.  The Nass ran at 1,200.  We heard about whirlpools that could hold an expedition raft, Boil lines that reached two feet above water level.

We knew there was a section that was possibly the best day of continuous class 4 rapids in Canada but there was also “Hans Hole” which everyone told us to stay away from.