Australian–French Entrepreneurship Challenge

Running over a non stop 48 hours the Australian French Entrepreneurship challenge (AFEC) started with enthusiasm energy and much potential.  It ended with red eyes, rumpled looking students but some very marketable ideas.  Which was the idea.  Combing PHD students with private sector mentors in a hack style event student teams were challenged to come up with an innovation in one weekend.  The main judging criterion of course being market viability.

This video was produced in the same 48 hours and was shown at the end of the event.


Future Super

Many of us care about the environment and Future Super had one of the best and simple ways to help out.  Taking your superannuation fund and making sure it is used for funding companies creating positive change.

Yarning Circle

There are many registered and unregistered indigenous businesses in the ACT area.  The Yarning circle was a chance for these varied business to meet and compare experiences operating in the ACT.  The tangible sense of excitement surrounding the success of so many indigenous business is very present in the video.

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