Of all the customers that follow The Lake Louise Ski Area through social media there is one group which is by far the most active.

Park Rats… That’s Terrain park enthusiasts for those not used to ski lingo.  Our park supervisor “TK” posted a question on our Facebook page asking fans what type of rails they would like to see in this seasons terrain park.  We received over 70 comments in response.  To our surprise they were, in the most part, realistic and thoughtful suggestions.   Sure, there were a few 100ft rails and some requests for half pipes.  But for the most part the ideas were reasonable.  It was good feedback.  It can be intimidating asking customers questions. You don’t know what you’re going to get in return.

To show that we are listening I gave TK a printout of the comments and asked him to respond to the camera.  It was an easy video to film and involved fans in a way that shows them that we are listening.  I hope to expand on this theme during the season.