Top of my continuing “to do” list is the resorts weekly video update. Consistency is a solid part of our social media strategy. The problem I have is finding enough time to get out with my camera. So much is happening all the time.

Last Saturday we had unusual valley cloud form in the mornings. I checked the webcam from the top of the Gondola and it looked like a river of cloud. I really wanted to set up a time-lapse but I knew how time-consuming this would be. If only there was a camera already set up and taking photos all day. Just like our webcam does… Oh wait!

I talked to our IT department who were happy to furnish me with all our webcam photos for the day. A little fiddling later and I was rewarded with a ready-made time-lapse for a rather exciting Saturday. Add some creative commons music and you have yourself a post.

Here is another time-lapse from when we experienced a cloud sea.