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Its been a while since I tried a completely new sport.  Not that I don’t love to do it from time to time.  But just keeping skill levels up on the sports that I have already committed to takes a lot of time.  Learning to canyon has some attractive incentives however. I am able to re use a lot of gear and skills already acquired through kayaking and rafting.  It also offers to teach me rope skills, something that I have been meaning to improve for quite a while.

The biggest carrot  dangled in front of me however has been the plans for exploratory canyoning in Tasmania.  Just the thought gives me goosebumps.  How often do you get the chance to go truly explore something new?

In preparation for this endeavor I have been signing up for as many trips as possible.  Over the Canberra day long weekend the ANU mountaineering club put on a three day canyoning extravaganza.  A crash course in canyoning.

A big benefit of canyoning is that it leaves plenty of time for photographers.  You do not need to stop the entire group in order to photograph the action.  There are plenty of bottlenecks created by the abseils that leave plenty of time. Perfect for photographers.  In fact the first day seemed like more of a  photography group than a canyoning group.  All but one of us carried a camera.  At one point we were in a photographer menage a trois, three photographers taking photos of each other taking photos.



Nightmare seemed to be one long abseil.  Gab revelled in the rope work but it gave me plenty of time to scout photography angles.  I was also surprised to find that Nick admitted to being scared of heights.  Obviously he was not too scared as you can see in these photos.


Our last canyon was Devils Pinch and probably my favorite.  Being the wettest canyon it was the only day where putting on a wet-suit was actually worth while.  Some of the party decided to wait until the wetsuit was absolutely necessary leading to some amusing water dodging antics.

Devils Pinch:

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