While the Axsys initially seemed to be similar to other fitness products, some features stood out.  Most noticeably the three sensors.  Heart rate monitor, accelerometer and of course GPS location tracking.  Adrian the Owner Operator of Axsys systems wanted a video to prove the product and to appeal to sub elite athletes.



  • Emphases differences between the Axsys over other GPS sports systems.
  • Showcase the fact that there are three sensors in the Axsys.
  • Appeal to the target market sub elite athletes.
  • Actually show how the device works.
  • Establish Adrian as a knowledgeable subject expert.

The video

  • Use of overlays to emphase the device always collecting high quality data from the athlete
  • Adrian explains his background and how the system works in his own words and not using a script.  This helps create a more authentic feel when we see Adrian.