IMG_0895No one is ever going to be happy with good conditions when they were prom ised GREAT conditions.

As I climbed on the staff buss this morning I was surprised to see a couple of retweets from our powder alert claiming 26Cm overnight…  Climbing off the bus I could clearly see there was not even 2Cm on the ground.  For me this meant a day of me diffusing angry Facebook and Twitter comments ahead of me.  Ski Patrol were quickly able to take a manual reading of a still respectable 14Cm but by then a lot of skiers and riders were already on their way. Heading out as soon as the lifts opened I went to Ptarmigan chair and snapped some pictures of riders enjoying themselves in respectable powder.  I sent these out via the usual means to backup the message that we did get a good amount of snow, not as much as initially promised but it was there. Conditions in my opinion were great.  The snow was heavy but it blended with the base superbly.  With accurate reporting people would have been more than content with the day.  But our mistake meant we lost the praise and cred. If anyone thinks that over-reporting snowfall is a marketing strategy widely adopted by resorts I’ll tell them, resorts just cant get away with it in the age of social media.  People just call you on your BS.