Since the start of 2014 I have been working out of Entry29, a co-working space located on the ANU campus.  Im happy to say that I have found it to be much more productive than working from home.  Initially, just wanting to set up in  an environment conducive to  work, Entry 29 had the unintended benefit of introducing me to a bunch of interesting projects and people.  Even better,  a bunch of interesting projects and people who were looking to create a video.  Spaarks are an international IT company who were looking to showcase their unique and innovative company with more than just photos and words.

My first international project!

The spaarkies  (as they like to be called) and I spent a fun day filming around Canberra.  We started early and were at Entry 29 and the local cafe “The Cupping Room”.   The footage was then handed over to Edinbourgh Film Company who put together the final edit.  It was a strange feeling to hand over the footage to another editor but I was very impressed with the final product.