A ski break was most certainly not on my schedule.  I had plenty of desk work that was past due.  But when the head of snow safety wants to show you something, it’s hard to say no.   Last time I went with Rocket I was able to film Ski Patrol start an avalanche on Eagle Ridge 5 (ER5).  One of the most memorable events that I have filmed.  This time he wanted to take me to Purple Bowl, preferred venue for the Canadian Powder 8’s.  The Powder 8’s are an annual event at Louise, and one that struggles with entries every year.  Mainly as we do not have the requisite powder to run a powder competition. This year we had snow but no one believed it.

I looked out the window, it was a clear sunny day.  Fantastic skiing and filming conditions.  So I cleared my desk and went skiing…  It was worth it.

As well as great photos, I put together a 30 second clip with rocket calling the conditions at the bowl a “shaken Etchy Sketch.”  But the image of Rocket sliding down a pristine powder bowl told the story better than words.  I have no doubt that the video helped us sign more competitors to the event.

Identifying and taking advantages of conditions when they occur is an important part of content marketing.  I almost missed this opportunity just because it felt like I was blowing off work.